Montreal Weddings – Maurice Cardillo

Interview with a Montreal Weddings ' expert, Maurice Cardillo from Casa D'Eramo

Maurice Cardillo
Title: Owner
Business: Casa D’Eramo
Full address: 7700 Henri-Bourassa Blvd. East, Montréal, Quebec  H1E 1P2
Phone: 514-648-9999
Social media:

 Montreal Weddings Interview Questions


How long have you been the owner of Casa D’Eramo?

Since 1997


What brought you to this field?

I began my career selling invitations—a position that led me to meet a lot of people every day. One person I met was a balloon decorator, who ended up selling me his balloon decor company. I was enjoying coming up with creative decors, each more inventive than the last, for all kinds of events. Little by little the company grew, and I began adding all kinds of decor items, including chair covers, and I called the new business Ultimate Decor. Even my competitors came to rent items. Then one of my competitors, Casa D’Eramo, decided to sell their business to me. Since then, I’ve been the proud owner of Casa D’Eramo, which provides gorgeous wedding decors.


What do you like most about what you do, and why?

I love serving young couples who are planning a wedding; they are so happy and excited. It’s a first for them. Seeing their smiles when they come through the door fills me with happiness, even after all these years.


What’s your greatest strength?

Our 28 years of experience and our showroom are beyond compare; these are the strengths of Casa D’Eramo. Not only can we rent decor to the future bride and groom, we’re also a source of inspiration. All year round, they can see everything set up in a single room: the decor, flowers, table linens, centerpieces, all kinds of table cloths, napkins, table runners, chair covers, furniture, a range of lighting, even cakes and invitations.

One of my personal strengths is that I am quick to identify the needs of couples, whatever their budget; I can show them a decor that really meets their needs.


Do you have any anecdotes to tell us about since you started out in business?

The story that has touched me the most in my career is that of soon-to-be newlyweds

 who came looking to rent their decor from Casa D’Eramo. The future bride was dying. Her fiancé had warned us of this difficult situation; his only desire was to give her the wedding of her dreams.

 I was lucky enough to attend this wedding along with members of my team and we were all in tears, incredibly touched by this couple and their love story.


Why is your business a go-to resource for future newlyweds?

Even after 28 years in the business, every year the number of weddings we service continues to grow. Despite the growing competition, we are delivering even more weddings, at every price point. We can meet every need; even reception halls call us every week so that we can help their clients. We know how to win the trust of the people we serve. Most suppliers in the industry refer clients to us, and in our view, this is a vote of confidence. Our staff is well trained and provides top-notch service; this is the key as I see it.


What’s new at Casa D’Eramo?

Our new shabby chic furniture, with antique styling (benches, loveseats, tables, coffee tables, armchairs, sideboards, cabinets) can be used as much for the head table as to create a shabby chic lounge section, or anything else you can think of (sweet table, evening table).


How far ahead of time should couples meet with you, and why?

 To decorate for the ceremony, table cloths, table runners, home decor: 3 to 6 months

For full reception decor: 6 to 12 months


What is the average cost of a wedding decor?

 Couples spend an average of $1,000 on decor.


What mistakes do future brides and grooms make when planning their wedding? How can they avoid these mistakes?

 Often couples are not well enough informed. Some elements of the decor may be available at their reception hall. It’s important to check with the location before reserving decor elements with Casa D’Eramo.


What advice would you give to soon-to-be wed couples?

  • Never feel obliged to reserve services on the spot.
  • Prepare your detailed budget before coming to see a decorator and let the decorator know your budget early on in the conversation so that he or she can suggest suitable options.
  • Make sure the decorator you choose listens to what you want and does not impose his or her own ideas.


What’s the best way for couples to save?

A good way to trim costs and cut down on delivery fees in particular is to focus on volume purchases and on hiring various services at the same location.


What are the latest trends?

Lots of gold tones, which you’ll find in tablecloths, overcloths, chandeliers, benches, charger plates and cutlery.


How do you stay on top of trends?

I invest a great deal in trips and visits to various trend shows in the U.S. and across Canada. It’s important for me to stay on top of the latest trends in order to better advise my clients.


Thank you Maurice.