Marriage First Look

To be or not to be traditional? That is the question.

what if we would change the marriage rules? Yes, it’s true the wedding tradition is that the bride and the groom shouldn’t see each other before the entrance on the wedding day but times are changing and some new ideas might change your mind too.

The first look is a new trend. It’s an intimate and private moment just a little before the ceremony  where the couple get to see each other as they are ready and beautiful without the stress and the pressure of the entrance and the guests looking at them. This particular moment is of course caught by the photographer who is as discrete as possible. 100% emotions / no tears held back. no one’s looking…or almost…

There is something beautiful to be create there with the wedding photos plus, it will be a lot easier to go get both of your reactions, emotions. But besides that there is a wonderful moment there for you to enjoy together. You can imagine a special way to get it done too. something cute , romantic or a funny scenario.

 Some won't break the tradition but would like to have a little moment to share so they would find a way to be together without seeing each other. They would hold hands, hiding behind a door each on their sides. Saying sweet things to each others to comfort, calm, or just to be together.

To do a first look also helps for a timed schedule. It can save you time after the ceremony. If you get to see each other before you can use more time then and get the couples photos done. Therefore you will have more time to spend with the guests.

The firstlook option is great but we all know it is not for everybody. You’ll have to choose according to your own believes, desires. If this is something that inspires you, I suggest you discuss your ideas with the photographer you chose to make the most of this magic moment and plan the schedule according to it.

 Hope you’ll enjoy this moment!


Isabelle Jetté