Trendy unplugged wedding


Let’s create a movement of unplugged weddings.  The trend of unplugged weddings has begun!

These days, everyone as a cellphone, ipad, or a little camera and as a result everyone also wants to take photos of everything. It became a habit. It’s ok in the everyday life but in some circumstances it can be a little annoying. A wedding is one of them and that’s why unplugged wedding was born.

 As a photographer I see it all. I’m all over the place during the ceremony and my job is not only to take photos of you but also to get your guests, family, friends.

It’s only been 2-3 years that I noticed the changes and it really started to bother me then… Instead of having really nice shots of the mom crying , or the bridesmaids doing silly faces to joke as the camera was pointing at them, or kids listening quietly… I would get phones,tablets, and cameras. And the beautiful arrival of the bride? You would be surprise how many guests would love to get their own photo of you while you walking down the aisle and what they would do to get it. They dont mean to be disrespectful but they just are use to take photos all the time.

This is for you, for the good of your photos, for the good of your entrance, but mostly for them. To make sur they enjoy the moment with you while the photographer is assigned to do the official photos. You want them a 100% with you and maybe it takes to unplugged to do so.

 There is a lot of cute, funny, original ways to ask the guests to leave the technology in their pockets. A nice message in the invitation cards, a board that you can decorate in a style matching the theme of the wedding, or even ask the priest to tell them in a speech for you.

In any ways, I’m sure they will enjoy a lot more their moment with you if they disconnect for a few minutes. And even though some of them will take photos anyways, at least you’ll have most of them more aware, and the aisle should be all yours!

Enjoy your wedding to the fullest!


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