Genuine Productions

Montreal Weddings is proud to present Genuine Productions and their goofy waiters.

Genuine Productions, event planners and designers based in Montreal for the past 15 years, provide the ideal solution to ensure your success of all of your events.  Include a special caracter in your wedding reception to entertain all of your guests. Meet the Goofy waiter.

Goofy Waiter

One mistake after the other, they will make you laugh so hard, you'll cry! During your cocktail or dinner, a fake waiter (an actor) will join the team of real waiters to entertain your guests in the most unusual way! Your guests will not know who he truly is, until the very end...when they'll discover they all got caught in a joke! A dinner experience that you are not about to forget!
7700, Henri-Bourassa est, Montreal, Qc, H1E 1P2