Montreal Weddings Rings 2


Your wedding rings will remain with you for the rest of your lives, so take the time to choose them wisely. The rings should reflect your personality, commitment and style.

Discuss and compare your preferences before you begin shopping, and remember that your rings don’t have to be identical or match. Take the time to visit several jewellers to discover the perfect rings. You may want to add an extra touch by having them engraved with a date or special thought, but if you do, allow your jeweller enough time for the work. It can take up to an extra month to personalize your wedding rings.

Consider your lifestyle as well. If your job or hobbies involve a lot of manual work that could damage your ring, go for a low-set or hard stone.

When selecting a stone, whether it’s a diamond or another precious stone, consider its meanings, hardness and purity (a certificate and guarantee are often provided for the latter). The three most popular metals for the ring itself are yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Silver is also a good choice and is less expensive.

Once you have a general idea of what you’re looking for, browse catalogues from different jewellers to familiarize yourself with prices and brands. Don’t hesitate to ask your jeweller for advice on different products and proper upkeep.

Most people rarely take their wedding bands off, wearing them through the summer, winter, exercise and pregnancies: all times when your fingers either swell or contract due to heat, cold, water retention and weight gain.

For these reasons, do your “final fitting” when you’re calm and your body temperature is normal. Never finalize your ring size in the morning (you will have retained salt from the night before), just after exercise (your fingers will be swollen), or when you’re very hot or cold.

Your purchase will be a lasting investment.

Happy shopping!