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You have many things to consider when choosing the reception site for your wedding. These include the level of formality and the kind of wedding you want, your budget, the size of your guest list and your wedding theme. You will want to consider the following:


Will your wedding be formal or informal? Will your wedding be held indoors or outdoors? Are you seeking a modern look or a rustic one? If you have chosen a theme for your wedding, consider looking for a site accordingly. Once the site is chosen, your decor, menu and colours can easily be adapted to your theme.


Are you looking for a site where both your wedding ceremony and the reception can take place? If you prefer one site for both, will your guests have somewhere to change in between? Can your site be adapted to the needs of your wedding theme? Does it have all the required authorizations to do what you envision, such as a permit to use the beach or use tall candles in the room?


There are a multitude of original sites that you can choose from such as:

  • Hotels
  • Ballrooms
  • Museums
  • Sugar shacks
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Tents
  • Cottages
  • Parks
  • Farms
  • Private clubs
  • Golf Clubs

No matter what your preferences, don’t forget to ask the right questions before making the reservation.


  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Do you have any other locations?
  3. Do you usually take care of weddings?
  4. Do you provide the catering as well or just the rental site?
  5. What is the cost of the rental site alone?
  6. May I observe an affair that you cater? When?
  7. What is the capacity (seated diners) of the different rooms?
  8. Is there a minimum number of guests required?
  9. What are the dimensions of the banquet hall floor?
  10. What are the dimensions of the dance floor?
  11. Is there a piano or other musical instruments at the site? Is there a charge to use them?
  12. Do I need to hire unionized musicians?
  13. Are there any restrictions on the sound, voltage or kind of music?
  14. Do you have a backup emergency generator?
  15. Are there rooms where children and a babysitter can spend the evening?
  16. Are there rooms available for the wedding party to change?
  17. Can the site be used for both the ceremony and the reception?
  18. Is there a special place for the receiving line? Where is it?
  19. Do you handle more than one wedding or event on the same day?
  20. Do you guarantee privacy?
  21. What is the soundproofing like?
  22. When can we come to set up for the big day?
  23. How long will the site be available?
  24. What are your business hours?
  25. How many vehicles can your parking lot hold?
  26. When is the final guest count due?
  27. Is a deposit required? When? In what amount? Is any part refundable? When is the balance due?
  28. If the site must be closed due to acts of God, what is your cancellation policy?
  29. May we see a copy of your contract?
  30. What kind of insurance do you carry (liability)?
  31. Are you licensed to serve liquor?
  32. Can we supply our own liquor?
  33. What do clients value most about your site?
    • Scenic setting
    • Waterfront view
    • Privacy
    • Service
    • Food quality
    • Historic appeal
    • Proximity to the city and transportation arteries
    • Is there any charge if we use our own caterer?
    • Do you handle cleanup and rental returns? What are the charges?
    • Are there any charges for broken china, glassware, etc.?
    • Are there any extra fees for:cake cutting
    • corkage
    • linens
    • glassware, china, etc.
    • setup
    • other:
  34. Do you do food and ice sculptures?
  35. What are your price estimates for a four-course meal?
  36. What are your price estimates for a seven-course meal?
  37. Do you have a set menu or package, or can we request a menu tailored to our preferences?
  38. Do you offer tasting sessions to potential clients?
  39. Are there any overtime charges? What is the hourly rate?
  40. When do overtime charges kick in?
  41. How will the service staff be dressed?
  42. Will you, the banquet manager, be present at the wedding reception?
  43. Do you handle outdoor ceremonies and receptions?
  44. Do you provide the necessary equipment? How much does it cost?
  45. Do you install the equipment?
  46. Do you offer valet parking? How much does it cost?
  47. How many rest rooms are available?
  48. Does the facility offer coat check and rest room attendants? How much do they cost?
  49. Do you have special accommodations for the disabled?
  50. Are there attractive places which we can use for some quiet photographs?
  51. What spaces have to be shared with other groups?
  52. What kind of service elevators and service entrances can we access for food and equipment delivery and storage?
  53. Is there an adequate kitchen? What equipment can our caterer use?
  54. For an outdoor reception:
  55. Do you have heaters and lights?
  56. Can the area be tented?
  57. Is there an alternative location to accommodate the guests in the event of bad weather?
  58. In the case of a private reception site, do neighbours, the police or security companies need to be notified?
  59. Do you have a list of referrals?


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