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Montreal Weddings 's advice on choosing wedding flowers

At least once in your life, you have probably been to a florist and bought flowers for a special occasion. Flowers have the power to make people smile as soon as they look at them, smell them or hold them. Your wedding day is the perfect occasion to surround yourself with your favorite flowers. They will enhance your photos and wedding decor, which is why selecting them deserves your full attention.

Here are a few items to consider:

  • Bridal bouquet
  • Maid of honor’s bouquet
  • Bridesmaids’ bouquets
  • Boutonnieres
  • Corsages
  • Flowers for the ceremony
  • Flowers for the reception

Once you have established your wedding budget and assessed your needs, you must find a florist that you trust and who is available on your wedding day. It is recommended that you bring a photo of your wedding dress (this will impact the shape and size of the bouquet), and that you mention which flowers you prefer, in one or two colors, that will appear here and there in all decor elements of the wedding.

Montreal Weddings Bridal bouquet

Flowers according to season

By opting for seasonal flowers, you can save money and, by the same token, ensure the quality of the flowers.

Winter: Winter is the season for bulb flowers. We recommend hyacinths, tulips, amaryllis, muscari and, of course, other flowers such anemones, hellebores and ranunculus. They are especially strong and thus hold up well in a bouquet.

Spring: In the spring, you have peonies, sweet peas, lilacs, poppies and viburnums. These flowers smell great, and they are light and so beautiful.

Summer: In the summertime, go with hydrangeas, delphiniums, roses, astilbes and lisianthus. These withstand heat, provided you do not leave them out in the sun.

Fall: You should opt for dahlias and, most importantly, berries. All of these make for a full bouquet, they are very nice to look at, with lots of color, and are extremely light! They also perfectly embody the fall season.

Montreal Weddings 's advice on selecting your wedding decor

Montreal Weddings Ceremony decorMontreal Weddings Decor

Like everyone, you want this to be the most beautiful day of your life. Here are a few tips for your wedding decor as there are several decor elements to consider when planning for your wedding ceremony and reception.

As is the case with flowers, keep your theme and/or colors in mind when you choose your decor elements.

Here are a few items you may want to consider when you meet with the decorator:

For the ceremony:

  • Church pew decorations
  • Red carpet
  • Bouquets, columns or other decor elements at the altar

*To save on costs, ask your decorator to transfer decor elements from the ceremony to the reception.

For the reception:

  • Centerpieces
  • Linens, towels and table runners
  • Chair covers
  • Decorations in front of and behind the head table
  • Cake table
  • Gift table and box for envelopes
  • Guest book table
  • Candles
  • Drapes and lighting

Montreal Weddings Envelope box

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Other accessories

Don’t forget other accessories which you can use to personalize your wedding decor.

Montreal Weddings personnalized wine bottle labelMontreal Weddings personnalized water bottle labelsMontreal Weddings table numberMontreal Weddings personnalized label chocolate bar

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  • Table numbers
  • Table chart
  • Party favors

Even your wedding cake is part of the setting.

Indulge yourself! Choose a decor and colors based on your tastes and the theme you want for the wedding. The most important thing is that you like it since this is going to be the most memorable day of your life.