You are organizing your wedding and you have probably been to one or two weddings in the last few years. So you’ve probably heard of the photo booth or the candy bar?

Those have been really popular and used a lot. Bar seems to be the most popular it’s even have been transformed. Popularity of the bar for candy made some space to a bar for flip-flops. Which is really useful for the ladies and their feet at the end of the evening. This kind of ideas makes me think of even more ideas. What if we would turn this bar « theme » into something that is more like YOU!

Do you have a theme? 

Cinema? Pop corn bar!
Summer? Ice-cream bar!

Or … what if you would have a photo bar! 

I know it sound a lot like a Photo Booth but wait….

It’s a mix of both Bar & Booth!

Yes, yes it is … you could use a theme and make it a game or something funny and
different then just photos.

Let me give you some examples:

A photo bar - for kisses!

All of the couples are invited for a funny and romantic way to get a souvenir at your wedding. Plus they are not the only one’s who can! The idea is to get the people to kiss but you can kiss someone on the cheek or you can be creative and use the theme as you want! You’ll be surprised by your guests. 

And other example would be the bubble-booth!  Anything you can use: soap bubbles - Champaign - cartoon bubble as a board to write something. 

Or glitter booth: let them play with glitters? Make it a game with the DJ make it fun and make it YOUR theme. People will have fun and will think it is original! This is not only fun this will make awesome photos and memories! Let’s celebrate !

Isabelle Jetté, Photographer


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