In the last article I shared with you, I introduced you to the hashtag because I was planning on telling you about it.


I don’t know if there is still people who puts little cameras on the tables for the guests to use because I haven’t seen this in a while, but it used to be a big thing!  People were taking surprise souvenir photos for the couple to find only later when they’ll develop the film. Nowadays cell phones are the replacement for that i guess. So what would be a nice modern way to share those images? Yes , you’re right, the Hashtag !


Now, let’s create an hashtag code for the wedding  : #weareinlovejuly9 for example.


All the photos taken during the evening that people share on Facebook, they link it with this hashtag, Then you can add on personalized tags  like #table11 or #kissing to describe who’s in the photo or what’s the action. With this code it will be super easy to find all of the photos taken at you wedding even if it’s not post on your wall ! You can add later on the photographer’s photos and tag them as well to help categorized them, If you have a special activity like a #photobooth then it will be super fun for your guest to use this hashtag and find out the real photos and also some behind the scenes.
I suggest you keep this idea for the evening/party though to avoid paparazzis as I was saying in the previous ‘unplugged’ wedding article.


Now go and #enjoythewedding !


Isabelle Jetté