Omer de Serre – Sculpted wedding ring bowl

Here’s an attractive and easy-to-make bowl that you can place your wedding rings in during the ceremony. You can also use it to safely store your wedding rings when you’re doing certain chores around the house. Seeing your wedding bands together again in the bowl will remind you of your special day and just how precious these symbols of eternal love are.

Vous aurez besoin de :

  • Air-dry modelling clay
  • Sculpey detail tool
  • Coloured ribbon
  • Wedding bands
  • Corrugated or textured paper
  • Rigid bowl 
  • Precision knife

Instructions :

  1. Gently handle the modelling clay to soften it. Once it is softened, flatten it on a work surface, making it smooth and circular.
  2. Press the textured paper onto the moistened clay to create an embossed pattern on the surface of the clay.
  3. Once you have the perfect texture, use a rigid bowl as a circle stencil and cut off any excess clay with the precision knife.
  4. Place the clay inside the stencil bowl so that it takes on the rounded shape of the bowl. Let dry for approximately two hours before going onto the next step.
  5. Once the clay is hardened, but not completely dry, use a detail tool to make two holes. Thread a piece of ribbon through the holes and tie a bow to add a touch of style.