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Interview with a Montreal Weddings ' expert - Ariane Carle from Boutique Ariane Carle Design


 Montreal Weddings-Interview Questions


How long have you been a designer?

For 40 years now and I've been the President of Ariane Carle Design since 1995.


What has led you to this (education, jobs, knowledge, family business etc. ..) ?

I did my studies in Haute Couture (in Montreal), and an internship in Milan. I also went to the School of Fine Arts during my youth. As a Designer I started as costume designer in the cinema world, my father being Gilles Carle, it was quite natural for me. One day I wanted to work for myself and the store "Les Tricots d'Ariane" has opened. There was an art gallery, a vast collection of knitted hand-made clothes and exclusive knitted clothes. Throughout the years, I have started to create with different kind of materials. I presented at least two collections a year. A little later, i deviated towards evening dresses.


What is your mission?

My mission is simple: make women beautiful. I want to make women beautiful, wether she wears a size 4 or a size 20, it doesn't matter.


What do you like most about what you do and why?

I love the challenges that women give me everyday, to make them beautiful regardless of their size, their age, their event or their personality. I always find the perfect dress for them.

Often the women between 40 and 60 years old find it difficulty to find. It is my niche and I wear it very well.

From the wedding dress to the evening gown I always offer a small artistic touch that differentiates my dresses from conventional ones.


Can you give an example of a request from one of your clients?

I made a wedding dress that seperated, I'll explain: The dress seemed very traditional in the begining, but it transformed into a mini dress for the dance in the evening.

I also just made a beautiful dress for the President of the Daffodil Bal of Montreal. A bright red Chinese style dress.

I have created for all the thematic and colors.


What is are your strengths?

a) My personal strength:

I have insight and I listen to my clients, I guess. I can see what the need.

b) My company's strenght:

The execution, the expertise and the experience to carry out the client's wishes. We have a beautiful team at Ariane Carle Design which we can count on and it as been like this for a long time. This is very important for me.


Do you have any stories that you can we share, since you have been in business?

A lot of my clients have been there for years. I love to see them change through time. A client of mine for example, is Janine Sutto. 94 years old she still comes to my shop to see the beauty. My clients are charming, they make me smile and I really like them. They come in the store to dream of their next event and the next opportunity that they will need a beautiful party dresse.


Why is your business a place of reference?

Ariane Carle Design has been there for a long time. Our clients refer us to their acquaintances with confidence and we have an exceptional satisfaction rate that we are proud of to measure over the years.

We offer a unique product with an exceptional service.


Can you share a novelty in your business?

We now take photos of our new styles.

We have new fabrics (silk crepe, coton from India etc. ).

We make dresses for girls that are in the wedding procession. The dresses can be in the same style of adults in the procession.

We can also ensure harmony between the two mothers in the wedding.  We make their outfits respecting their individual personalities while following the same style.


How long before the wedding, should the future newlyweds and the the wedding procession come and meet you?

To make a wedding dress original, we ideally need 6 to 8 months before the wedding. For the wedding procession, the parents and the children, 3 months in advance is excellent.

What is average price for your products/services?

Always according to the client's budget.


What advice can you offer future newlyweds:

1- It is nice to have a small idea of what they prefer (desires, tastes, type of neckline, length, silhouette, etc. ).  At Ariane Carle Design we can also help you with that. We have a wide selection of ballroom dresses at the store, you can try a few of them and decide what you prefer. We can even take an existing model and have it in a different color or change a part of the dress. The team is able to give you advice in the style that flatters you.

2- It is essential to remember the importance of comfort. We must not alter the essence, but rather wear clothing and accessories in which you feel good. To be elegant you must be comfortable. It's not true that beauty is pain (laugh).

3- Choose well your bra and your accessories.


What are the latest trends?

Right now there is a lot of sequin on the evening dress and the dresses are well embroidered.

We also see the couture the trend, Jackie Kennedy, the 1930's, wider skirts, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, a very feminine style.

Wide dresses and fitted around the waist are very popular.


In conclusion, I like to take the time with my clients. I take the time to understand what they want (theme, style, color, etc. ) and I'm doing everything necessary for them to be magnificently beautiful.

 Looking forward to serving you!

Name of expert: Ariane Carle
Title: President and Designer
Company: Ariane Carle Design
Address: 364, St-Joseph west
Phone: 514-495-1075
Internet Site: