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Interview with a Montreal Weddings ' expert, Antoine Galdes from Bartender One Montreal


 Montreal Weddings Interview Question

How long have you been the Director of Operations and Event for this company?

I have been the Director of operations and event at BartenderOne Montreal for 2 years.

What has led you to this (education, jobs, knowledge, family business etc. ..) ? I started my cooking courses with my grandmother when I was 5 years old. A few times a week after school or during pedagogical days, I learned new methods and new recipes while discovering my passion for the culinary arts. Unfortunately, I was too much of a picky eater to do a culinary training since in my opinion, a Chef should be able to taste everything he coks, which was not my case. But as I got older, I quickly realized that while I was unable to eat certain things, no alcohol disgusted me. It was after a training at the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality of Quebec in Bar Service I found that i could apply my passion for cooking in cocktails. I then worked in several renowned institutions in mixology while i was doing my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at HEC. Shortly before I completed my studies, I launched this business of training and events in order to democratize the cocktail culture and offer everyone the possibility to discover this universe.

What do you like most about what you do and why? To see that my guests are having fun, no matter what they drink (or do not drink). Many of the workers in restoration do the job for the tips and forget they are first and foremost hosts and animators rather than production units. To see the smile on a woman's face satisfied with her Mojito, a man who enjoys his cold beer or to do a "high-five" to a child who was just served his apple juice with a small hint of magic, this counts much more than winning a competition or have a very profitable evening and that is what makes the difference between those who are in this business for a few years or for the rest of their lives.

What is your strength (personal and business) ? My personal strength is transposed also in the services rendered by our company and it is a desire not to accept the status quo, always wanting to exceed to deliver the best experience to our customers or collaborators. Wether it is by developing new recipes with spectacular methods of preparing them or by purchasing unique portable bars, we always continue to innovate and find new ways to wow our guests.

Do you have any anecdotes to tell us (the most touching experience, the funniest etc. .) since you have been in business? The first contract that i had was a picnic combining a family and their friends. Although this was my first contract, I already had a few years experience of service and i knew some tricks of the trade to identify someone who was not at ease. That evening, it was a woman in the mid-twenties who was not mingling with the group up until supper. Everyone was gathering around the BBQ, I took the opportunity to offer her a beautifully prepared cocktail with several exotic trims and a flaming lime. Since I had told her the drink came from one of the young men from the family who was organizing the picnic, she then joined the group for the rest of the evening. Happily, she is now in the process of planning her wedding with this young man, a wedding which i will serve them once more!

Why is your business a place of reference for the future newlyweds? Simply because we take the time to listen. A wedding is the event of a lifetime and the bar service is crucial to the guests' enjoyment during the whole evening. Each wedding that we plan is unique and our proposals are adapted according to the type of guests, the desired thematic and the available budget.

A novelty in your company: The service of Molecular Mixology. Advanced methods of preparation are changing the physical form of cocktails, enabling us to do things like a Sorbet-Mojito with liquid nitrogen or cucumber caviar that gives a gin & tonic the appearance of a  Bubble Tea. This is the service that guarantees your guests will remember this precious event!

How much time before their wedding, should couples come meet you and why? Earlier is always better. Although we work hard to respond to last-minute requests, a wedding is often a source of stress, and we generally prefer to guarantee you a peace of mind by coordinating a few months in advance. We even have weddings organized that will only take place in two years!

What is the average price for your products/services? Our prices depend on three important variables: The number of guests, the type of service required and the facilities put at our disposal. Our basic services can start as low as $600 while our high end and spectacular services can add up to a few thousands of dollars. Whatever the situation, we will be able to find a satisfactory solution to make your event a success.

What mistakes usually make the future newlyweds during their wedding planning? How could they prevent these mistakes? The most common mistake, for any facet of a wedding, is often related to the guests' expectations created by the future newlyweds themselves. Keeping a secret is certainly not criminal and your guests will be much more impressed if they were expecting a "regular" wedding and find themselves at an outstanding wedding!

Three tips that you can offer future newlyweds

  1. Establish your order of importance for the services desired. It is your evening and you must about your enjoyment before anyone else attending the wedding. If you are happy, they will see it and will be also!
  2. Set a budget smaller budget, often it is the little unexpected expenses that add up and will make you exceed your anticipated budget.
  3. Do not drink before dinner. It may be tempting to reduce stress or to accompany your guests, but you will have more then enough time to celebrate once all formalities are completed!

What is your advice to the newlyweds to save? Avoid too many custom things. The napkins, coatsers, table cloths and other promotional items that can be customized can gouge a good part of the budget for something that will be thrown at the end of the evening. Your guests know that they are here for you, it is preferable to allocate this budget to something pleasant rather than for elemens which will have no impact on your guests memories.

What are the latest trends? The custom welcome cocktails. A single recipe that you can offer your guests with the after wedding thank you letter is an easy way to tell them that you appreciated their presence while allowing them to remember your wedding every time they will make the cocktail at home.


Names: Antoine Galdes
Title: Director of operations
Company: BartenderOne Montreal
Full Address: 2021 Saint-Denis , Montreal
Phone: 1-855-GO2BAR1
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