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How to look good in your wedding photography-video?

Find out the secrets of wedding photography-video.  Let Montreal Weddings prepare you to become top models for a day. You get yourself all dressed up and you’re the center of attention all day long. How will you make sure that you look your very best in your wedding photography-video?

Start by looking at a few magazines or visiting your favorite websites to determine the poses you prefer. Don’t hesitate to share them with your photographer and videographer. Do you prefer poses where you look directly at the camera or rather where you and your spouse look into each other’s eyes? Do you prefer black and white or color photos? Determine what you like and don’t like. That way, it will be easy to describe exactly what you want to your photographer and videographer on the day of the wedding and you’ll also be ready to play models for a day.

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Before each photo is taken, take a deep breath so that you look relaxed and happy. If you feel intimated by the photo or video shoot, you can always rehearse for it before your big day. You can also hire the same photographer and videographer for your engagement ceremony.

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You may also want to practice smiling in front of a mirror and training your eyes to “smile” as well. Practice the way you want to make contact with the cameras during the photo and video shoot. The most talented models always pose in front of a mirror to make sure that they feel perfectly comfortable when they’re in the spotlight. Models also practice their best pose in front of a mirror. For instance, you can position your body at an angle and shift your weight on the back leg so that you look taller and thinner. Lift up your chin to make your neck look longer… Have fun with it! That way, you can become more familiar with the poses you will take up and get better acquainted with your photographer in order to avoid any additional stress on your wedding day.

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Give yourself a complete makeover before your wedding. This will boost your confidence for the photo and video shoot. You can also get your teeth whitened for a radiant smile and get a manicure so that you feel pretty and confident from head to toe. Make sure to have a makeup and hairdressing trial before your big day.

Montreal Weddings wedding pictures

Don’t hold the bouquet too close to you but rather at the hips. This will make you look thinner and taller.

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Most importantly, enjoy yourself during the photo and video shoots. Have fun and try to make each other laugh as you both look back on your journey together up to this beautiful day.

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