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Choosing the Transportation Mode for Your Wedding Day

Most couples really enjoy this step in planning their wedding. Of course it is important to consider the level of formality and kind of wedding you will have before making your choice of vehicles.

For an informal wedding you won’t choose the same mode of transportation as for a formal wedding. For a formal wedding you can opt for a sophisticated black limousine. The contrast with the bride’s wedding dress will make beautiful photographs. For a theme wedding (for example, a medieval or country style), you can opt for a horse-drawn carriage.

Montreal Weddings horse and carriageMontreal Weddings transportation

There are a multitude of possibilities:

  • A convertible: Be sure to take special care with the bride’s hair and veil.
  • A sports car: The car interior is very narrow, so avoid hoop skirts.
  • A motorcycle: This isn’t really recommended with the dress, but it’s so original. Only for photos!
  • A helicopter: For lovers of adventure and surprises.
  • An antique car
  • A horse and carriage
  • A boat

Montreal Weddings convertible

It is important to consider your transportation needs and know who — the newlyweds, the wedding party or the parents — will need transportation and at what time of the day. Don’t forget that the bride and the groom aren’t usually together in the morning.

  • Travel to and from the beauty salon in the morning
  • Travel to the ceremony (for the bride, the groom and their wedding party)
  • Travel from the ceremony to the photo and video shoots (bride, groom and wedding party)
  • Travel from the ceremony to the reception site (family and guests)
  • Travel from the photo and video shoots to the reception
  • Travel from the reception site back home or to the hotel (guests and wedding party)
  • Travel back home or to the airport for the honeymoon

Also be sure to make your reservations early, especially if you hold your wedding at prom time!