Montreal Weddings Wedding Dress 2

Montreal Weddings' advice on choosing a bridal dress and fashion trends for your silhouette

Not every wedding dress will suit every woman well. You need to determine your silhouette type to find a bridal dress style that will enhance your beauty and hide any little imperfections so you’ll feel beautiful on the big day.

Montreal Weddings has identified four main silhouette types or figures:
- Hourglass
- Apple
- Pear
- Celery

The hourglass figure

Montreal Weddings Wedding Dress 1Montreal Weddings Bridal DressMontreal Weddings Bridal Dress 1

The hourglass figure is marked by a small waist, wide hips and generous chest, with your shoulders and hips aligned correctly. This makes for a voluptuous body shape that will let you reap all the benefits. This figure is considered ideal.

The bridal dress to choose should be a princess or mermaid style that closely follows your silhouette.

The apple figure

If you have an apple silhouette it means that you have wider shoulders than hips, and your best bridal dress choice is an A-line or empire-waist dress . Remember to free your shoulders with a strapless, straight or heart-shaped bustier. If you prefer straps, make sure they’re very fine.

The celery figure

The celery figure lacks curves and needs a dress that will provide them. Opt for a princess or A-line bridal dress, with the skirt beginning at the waist and widening out to hide the hips. Avoid tight-fitting dresses at all costs because they will extend you even more without giving you shape.

The pear figure

Montreal Weddings Wedding dressMontreal Weddings Bridal Dress 2

If you have a pear figure your hips are wider than your shoulders and chest. You must opt for an A-line bridal dress, with the skirt beginning at the waist and flaring to minimize the hips. Tight-fitting dresses are not recommended.

Other tips and tricks from Montreal Weddings

- Get advice from a professionnal at a bridal boutique or designer.
- If you are petite, wear high heels and choose a high waisted or empire-waist dress. The visual effect is to add a few inches to your height.
- If you’re strongly built, opt for a simple bridal dress and avoid large ruffles and lace, which add volume.
- If you’re tall, choose a mermaid dress to highlight your figure.