Montreal Weddings presents Marie-Eve Mathias

Interview with a Montreal Weddings ' expert; Marie-Eve Mathias from the Loews Hotel Vogue


Marie-Eve Mathias
Catering Sales Manager
1425, rue de La Montagne
Montréal  Qc. H3G 1Z3
Tel: 514-285-5721

 Montreal Weddings interview questions


How long have you been the Catering Sales Manager at Loews Hotel Vogue?

 Since 2004


What brought you to this field?

I found myself in this career by pure luck.  When I finished high school, I was considering two different career paths. After completing a personnality test with a career consultant, I found that I had the profil to either be in the army or to work in the hotel industry.

I began my studies in the hospitality industry and loved it from the start.  I love being organized and love giving excellent service.  Today, I appreciate working in a boutique hotel.  The client is not a number; we take the time to get to know them personnaly.


What do you like most about what you do, and why?

I love the position that I hold at the hotel.  I take care of meetings, weddings and special events.  I love being part of the projects from start to finish, and being able to see the final result.

It is really gratifying to be able to say: « Mission accomplished » and seeing the smiles on the faces of our happy clients, after their event.  I am also grateful for the great bonds that I create with them.


What’s your greatest strength (yours and the hotel’s)?

  1. My personnal strenght: My honesty; I take all my time to help my clients and guide them to maximize their budgets.
  2. The hotel’s strenght: The hotel is focused on professionnal service; from the sales department to the waiters in the banquet room. We all give great attention to details and respect the clients’ requests.


Do you have any anecdotes to tell us about since you started out in business?

I was touched by the last wedding of the season that we had last year.  The newlyweds wanted me to join them during their reception.  They even sent be a lovely thank you letter.


Why is the Loews Hotel Vogue a go-to resource for future newlyweds?

It is a combination of things.  Personnalized service, menus for all tastes, decor…

From beginning to end, we make sure that everything is perfect.  I even found myself modifying centerpieces once.  What the florist had delivered was not at all what the clients wanted (the bride had showed me a picture of what she wanted).

The couple always remains the focus in everything we do.  I take pride in always being present during weddings to make sure that everything is perfect!


What’s new at the Loews Hotel Vogue?

Many renovations.  Both the lobby and the rooms have been redone.


How far ahead of time should couples meet with you, and why?

It depends on the couple.  We have had a couple come meet with us to reserve in July for a September wedding.  But most come to reserve 1 year in advance. 

 It is always better to reserve as soon as possible.  It allows more time for planning, therefore less stress, and you have a better chance of getting the date that you want for your wedding.


What is the average cost of your products/services?

Our wedding packages start at $125/pers, and include the meal and cocktail.

For $140, the package also includes the decor and the wedding cake.


What mistakes do future brides and grooms make when planning their wedding? 

The couples often spend a large part of their budget to make others happy and forget about themselves and what is important to them.


What advice would you give to soon-to-be wed couples?

  1. Have a very detailed budget right from the start, to avoid unplanned expenses
  2. Make sure that they plan one full day to relax before the wedding day
  3. Enjoy every minute of the big day as it will go by so quickly


What’s the best way for couples to save?

  1. a) Don’t invest too much on details (except when its for a themed wedding). It is always possible to limit cost by optimizing what is available on site.
  2. b) Do your shopping and give thought before you buy.

Ex : florist : If a vase is very expensive, consider opting for a smaller option.

With a series of small savings, couples can have a great impact on the final budget.


What are the latest trends?

  1. The candy bar at the end of the evening is always a very popular idea. The Loews Hotel Vogue does provide everything that is needed.  We prepare a candy bar with all types of vases and candies to match your decor or theme.  Guests can either eat the candy on site or bring candy bags home with them.
  2. We also see many one day ceremony officiant.


Other comments

I am very fortunate to work with a variety of people and cultures and discover lovely traditions at the hotel.  Asian, Polish, Haitien…we adapt to all cultures.

I have seen so many beautiful decors at the hotel, including interesting themes;

Gatsby theme: feathers, pearl, black and white…

Cotton candy: blue and pink linens, cotton candy centerpieces…

Indian wedding:  red and orange linens, centerpieces made with vases and live red fishes…

 Usually, weddings take place in the ballroom.  One of the nicest wedding decor that I have seen at the hotel was a decor for a small 17 people wedding that took place in the Salon Florence, adjacent to our private terrace, on the 2nd floor.

Our private terrace is a one of the hotel’s highlights. It is even possible to have your outdoor wedding ceremony on our terrace.


Thank you Marie-Eve.